Keeper of the Treasure is dedicated to offering multimedia artistic works that both express and evoke soulful appreciation of personal transformations. It introduces Inside the Belly of the Whale which is a visual narrative of the spiritual transformation after loss.  It is the keeper of the treasure of a hero’s journey.

griffin catspawThe story of Catspaw has it’s beginning with the Griffin – Keeper of the Treasure.  For L.L. Griffin, the griffin became a personal logo because it  personally symbolized a protector of something important and treasured.  We hope that you will find treasures within this site that will guide you on your personal journey of healing after loss.

Catspaw is committed to helping people find Pause in everyday life because it heals.

The GRIFFIN has its origins in the ancient east where it was said to guard the gold of India. In Christian iconography it symbolizes the dual nature of Jesus – the divine represented by the bird, and the human by the animal.