Keeper of the Treasure, in short, is the definition of what the mythological Griffin does as a guardian.  Using the strength of the lion and wisdom of the eagle.

Keeper of the Treasure is a site that shares and encourages  using art/self-expression, yoga/movement  and quiet/meditation to learn how to practice pausing.

I’m  LLGriffin aka Lis(pronounced Lease)Lepore Griffin, I’m the  Keeper of  Catspaw Studio –  I use practical tools  in order to pause.  Offering art and yoga classes or workshops as well as speaking or demonstrations.  I also have a zafu meditation cushion boutique   so you can find physical support and an art journal Inside the Belly of the Whale.  The aim is to process life’s challenging emotions and to use self-expression, so emotions don’t remain stuck in our bodies.  The key to keeping the balance of heartbreak and beauty is to practice pausing. 

On this site I will share weekly from,  my art journal – looking for heart. There’s a tab called  Ideas + that I share from time to time how others have created Art that has been inspired by loss such as, music, film, books, websites or articles. Learning and acknowledging those difficult emotions, and learning how to create from pain can help the pain evolve.

This site also introduces my work Inside the Belly of the Whale,is based on night dreams  had after the death of my mother.  A photo-journal and visual narrative of spiritual transformation after great loss.



zafu meditation cushions by Catspaw Cushions

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Zafu meditation cushions for both yoga, meditation or simply sitting on the floor.  Catspaw Cushions offers one-of-kind, hand-made zafu meditation cushions.  We encourage you to find the support you need – ask how we can help.  Learning how to #practicepausing can aid you in navigating modern life.

Brought Back1 by LLGriffin

Art by LL Griffin

Inside the Belly of the Whale is a visual narrative of the spiritual transformation of the author and artist/photographer, L.L. Griffin, triggered by the death of her mother and the downward spiral Griffin’s life took afterward. The Biblical story of Jonah and the whale both gave Griffin the title and inspired her story.

Inside the Belly of the Whale

rhythm 2 by LLGriffin

my art journal – looking for heart | blog

Founded from the need to grieve a personal loss, I have incorporate art, yoga, and meditation as healing practices.  Weekly I will share from my art journal – looking for heart.   I’m an artist that uses photography, brushwork, and mixed media. Many of use have lost our way.

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