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Art inspired by loss, learning how to create from pain helps the pain evolve. Keeper of the Treasure is a site that shares and encourages self expression using art, yoga and learning how to practice pausing. Sitting with those difficult emotions can be expressed and faced using all kinds of art – facing the truth though art.

It introduces Inside the Belly of the Whale, by LLGriffin is based on dreams she had after the death of her mother.  A photo-journal and visual narrative of spiritual transformation after great loss.


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For both yoga and meditation, most of us need the support of a cushion (or, as it is called in the East, a zafu).  Catspaw offers one-of-kind, hand-made zafus.  Catspaw Studio believes that the key to navigating modern life is learning how to pause.  Using art, yoga and meditation, Catspaw Studio creates a space that encourages you to pause the messiness of everyday life, with the support of our Catspaw Cushions.

Blue Dream from the art work Inside the Belly of the Whale by LLGriffin

Art by LL Griffin

Inside the Belly of the Whale is a visual narrative of the spiritual transformation of the author and artist/photographer, L.L. Griffin, triggered by the death of her mother and the downward spiral Griffin’s life took afterward. The Biblical story of Jonah and the whale both gave Griffin the title and inspired her story.

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Why Self-Expression Matters | Blog

Founded from the need to grieve a personal loss, Catspaw Studio incorporates art, yoga, and meditation as healing practices.

As Pema Choedron says giving yourself time and space to sit with your pain is difficult.

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